Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Top Ten Mediation Blogs

Following up on a similar post on my political blog, I thought it might be appropriate, after doing this mediation site for about a year-and-a-half, to recognize some of my fellow mediation bloggers.  One reason I started this site was because there didn't seem to be all that many blogs on mediation, so I thought I might be able to contribute to the discussion.  Since I started, some have dropped out, and new sites have cropped up.  Here is a list of some sites that have mostly been around longer than I have, and that I tend to turn to most often.

1. Settle it Now is a champion mediation blog in terms of sheer productivity.  Victoria Pynchon's posts are also consistently interesting, and she is fun to argue with.

2. Diane Levin is responsible for Mediation Channel as well as a very comprehensive listing of ADR blogs.  Diane's blog has been quiet for a couple of months.   I'm hoping that is just a short hiatus.

3. ADR Prof Blog is put out by a group of law professors and is therefore a good source for what is going on in academia in the ADR field.

4. From across the pond, Amanda Bucklow has a good site called Mediation Times.

5. Peter Phillips started his Business Conflict Blog about the same time that I did, and offers a lot of insight into mediating business disputes.

6. Disputing is a high quality blog dealing mainly with arbitration and related issues, published by Karl Bayer and other attorneys in his office in Texas.

7. This site, Mediation's Place is still trying to figure out the place of mediation within or adjacent to our court system, and my own place in it as well.  Since I made the list, of course I made the list.

8. Brains on Purpose is a unique site by Stephanie West Allen that combines neuroscience and conflict resolution.

9. Schau's Mediation Insights has been around for almost four years.  Jan is a knowledgeable LA mediator who publishes about twice monthly.

10. Phyllis Pollack, another LA mediator, blogs regularly on current mediation law issues and her practice, on her PGP Mediation site.

And since 10 is just an arbitrary number, I should also include Confict Zen by Tammy Lenski, and Enjoy Mediation, by Jeff Thompson, and blogs by some more California mediators, Lorraine Segal, Alec Wisner, and Nancy Hudgins

I should also add some other good blogs that seem to have taken a summer vacation: Steve Mehta's Mediation Matters, John Lassey's Mediation Stuff, CKA Mediation by Christopher Annunziata,  the Upchurch firm's The Strategic Mediator, Doug Noll's Ataraxis, and John DeGroote's Settlement Perspectives.

And a couple of other relatively new and promising sites: Lee Jay Berman's Eye on Conflict, and Just Court ADR, put out by Resolution Systems Institute in Chicago.

All these sites and several more are listed on the left hand column under the heading "Mediation Blogs," which is sorted by most recent post, so the more active blogs tend to rise to the top.


Vickie Pynchon said...

Thanks for the shout out Joe! And indeed, you DO keep me on my toes with insightful and constructive criticism. Not always what I WANT, but always what I NEED.

Lee Jay said...

You do a great job, Joe. You are great at finding mediation's place(s). Keep up the great work. And thanks for teh shout out!

Lee Jay

stevemehta said...

Joe. Thanks for the comment about my blog. I was on hiatus, but I am now back. I think the same day you posted, I restarted from a summer hiatus. I love your blog, and keep up the good work.

Diane Levin said...

Joe, I feel very honored to be included among such august company. Thank you kindly for mentioning my blog. After a very difficult summer for my family, I'm poised to return to blogging next week. It's nice to know that my absence was noted, particularly by a fellow blogger whose own blog I greatly enjoy.

Thanks once again, Joe.

StephanieWestAllen said...

Thanks very much, Joe, for including my blog in this list. And thanks for creating the list -- I learned of a couple of new blogs.

Susan Yates said...

Thanks for the list and the honorable mention. We'll see where Just Court ADR ranks if you do this again next year!

Joe Markowitz said...

Susan, I love your competitive spirit! But of course I don't presume to rank anyone. There was not even a ten best; that's just a catchy title to help Google find all of us.

Mediation said...

As a mediation researcher for a range of companies, I appreciate when someone puts up a list of this kind. A great indication of what the industry thinks of its peers. Thanks for the list Joe.

Jean Smith

ADR Times said...

Perhaps if you publish an updated list will make the list!!! We encourage feedback!!!